Sunday, 10 November 2013

aari work or tambour work

I was fascinated by aari or tambour work for quite some time.the speed of work was amazing compared to chain stitches done by i got some silk and zari thread from India and aari needles made of iron . istarted to practice on some spare cloth but every now and then the thread got unravelled and i have to start afresh.first i started with single thread ,then with two threads.but the result was not satisfactory. then i started with zari thread and it was much easier (2nd pic)

here i used some sequins also.
aari hook is very fine and after some online search i got to know that we can use 12or14 no crochet hook for the same work.this yellow wool aari work is done with 12no crochet was alot easier and i think this is also appropriate for a beginner to get hold of the movements of aari needle.
this is freeform practice with pearl cotton.if interested you can get more information here on    andhere   this site is in french  and you can make use of google translate . this blog is also very helpful especially for embroidering alphabets.

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