Monday, 18 March 2013

kutchwork yoke2.,tatted yoke

 This is one of my earlier work.first pic is of design on front neck .the second pic is of motif done on whole front.embroidery is done with two strands of anchor stranded cotton.

 tatting motif is from Norma benropath pattern I got from tatsaway blog .square motifs are joined to form a yoke .the original design was for a small tablecloth but i changed it a little bit .tatting is done with perle cotton .

Saturday, 9 March 2013

TAST 56,57

 This stitch takes all the forms as buttonhole stitch and is a beautiful and creative stitch.
 this is sailor stitch.
 the wheels are worked in sailor edge stitch.the spiral in sailor stitch.
flower petal is sailor edge stitchand the left try is sailor can get the working method here.

Saturday, 2 March 2013


The stitch is buttonhole herringbone  .I have stitched double layer. around a mirror work .You can get working method from here double layer can be worked in different colors.

mirror work

       This is my old work .mirror work is done on kurta yoke and is decorated with cretan stitch variation ,french knot,open lazy dazy variation

 The chunni is of white colour and small buttis are embroidered allover it.the buttis are mirror work decorated with lazy dazy and fly stitch.