Friday, 17 May 2019

Entralac half sweater

This is the sweater after its v neck is shaped.
To give the correct shape of neck some portions of the neck shaping have to be left out and it is marked with different coloured yarn. stitches for the border are picked along the marked line
Third photo is taken when neckband and arm bands are knitted.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

TRI layer tunic completed

I had some orange colour 2ply wool left fron some earlier project. I mixed it with white 3 ply wool to knit this sweater in round.
First layer is knit in two strands of white colour.
Second layer is knit with one strand of white and two strands of orange.
Third layer is knit with four strands of orange.

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Tunisian crochet honeycomb stitch cap

This cap is knitted in round.with 4ply wool.i cast on 65stitches  in round .after crocheting 15rounds started decreasing 5stitches equidistantly on every row for7rows.afyer that every two stitches were made into one tillall the stitches were finished.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Tunisian crochet in round for baby cap

For some days I wanted to knit something in honey comb stitch in tunisian crochet in two I decided to knit a baby cap.this stitch is knitted in round and needs a double ended Tunisian crochet hook.
,, yeah 1 tunisian crochet main Bana hua bacche ka topi hai isme Do Rang ka istemal hai aur  yeah round main Buna jata hai iske liye double ended tunisian crochet hook ka istemal Hota Hai

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Striped cap knitted in round दो रंगों की धारीदार गोलाई मे बुनी हुई टोपी

This technique is mainly useful when we are knitting narrow stripes  ie one row stripe.
When we are coming to the colourchange row we knit to the end stitch.then we take the last stitch back on the left needle .and put the strand from first Color away to the left .then we take the strand from second color on the right needle as we are taking a shown in photo.
     इस तकनीक का उपयोग पतली धारियों को बिनते समय किया जाता है।
जब दूसरे रंग की ऊन लगानी हो तो आखिरी फंदे तक पहले रंग से बुने।फिर आखिरी फंदे को वापस बाईं सलाई पर ले लें।पहले वाली ऊन को भी बाईं तरफ हटा दें ।फिर दूसरे रंग के ऊन को दाऐ सलाई पर फोटो
की तरह रखें ।
 Then put the last stitch in first Color back on the right needle.
फिर पहले रंग से बुने फंदे को
वापस दाई सलाई फर डालें

                                           Now put the yarn  from first Color on the left needleas if to yarnover as in the photo below.अब पहले रंग वाले ऊन को इस तरह बाईं सलाई पर ले जैसे हम फंदे बढ़ाने के वक्त लेते है।
फोटो की तरह।
Now knit the yarnover and the stitch in first Color together in second color.and knit the whole row in second Color normally till you reach the first to the end of row. अब.ऊपर लिए हुए ऊन और पहले फंदे कोदूसरे रंग के ऊन से एक साथ बुने।अब पूरी सलाई कोनौरमल तरीके से बुने जबतक कि जो पहला ऊन जो फंदे के आगे लिया था। Now knit the yarnover and the last stitch together . Hence your colour change is complete. अब ऊपर लिए हुए ऊन और आखिरी फँदे को एक साथ बुने।इस प्रकार आपका रंग बदलने का कम पूरा हुआ।

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Houndstooth pattern sweater

this is a cardigan for 2to 3 year old baby.the body two front and the back part are made in one part till the armhole decrease.the both sleeves are knitted separately.
 The button bandsare picked up and knitted .In the end stitches for the collar are picked and knitted.
Materials needed_
200gm of pink oswal wool
150gm of cream oswal wool
3.5mm knitting needle /9no needle
3.25mm knitting needle/10 no for knitting borders and button band
Needle for sewing.