Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Quilled decoration

Today I'm posting i.e. The daughter of the blogger. A few months back I took a fancy to the art of quilling. Well it is an art of taking thin sheets of paper and rolling them and pinching them into different shapes so here we go. Today I'm going to teach you how to make this-
Here I used 6mm by 29cm strips of paper throughout the project. 
Here I took an orange sheet and using the quilling tool rolled it up into a circle. The quilling tool is a tool with a little slit on top so to hold the paper strip . I don't think you can see that in the pic  properly sorry.  

 Then I took it and put it in the size 15 sizes. Here I'm using the Oak Arts equipment. Nothing else is available for me. You can make your own 
strips by using a paper shredder or something like that or do it manually. I prefer buying my strips since they are much thicker than normal paper. 
You have to pinch the paper on opposite end to get this shape. 
We need to  of these. It doesn't take that much time once you get used to it. For the next part of my this decor. 
 Now join together 2 strips of paper with glue. You can use two different shades or the same colour. Actually the video which I saw was by a woman called katvilga you can see her video here Quilled christmas decoration n°4 step-by-step - D…: http://youtu.be/jmLQ73qBFao she just used one white shiny paper shade since she was making snowflakes. But since I don't have that sort of paper I used different shades to transform the whole thing into a flower. 
Then you roll the whole strip into a tight coil we need ten of these too. 
Now the last but not the least comes the difficulty. We have to make this 
 into this 
The difficulty of this is first you have to use half the strip for each leaf or curved teardrop structure. We for the loose coil and keep it in the size 12 of the quilling board and after that this time instead of pinching both the the ends pinch only one and using your thumb and index finger slightly curve it. We need 20 of these. 
Now let's assemble

I know the flower doesnt look that proper but I realised that only after the glue had dried so there was nothing much I could do. 
Now we stick the tight coils. 
And now the curbed teardrops.  
Tadaa done.